Welcome to the new Larryandhisflask.com!

Hello again everyone!  We have a TON to go over in this blog so we will jump right into it.  Even though we had about a week off in between tours, we have been EXTREMELY busy.  FIrst up, as you noticed we updated the site!  Huge thanks to Yosef for his never ending creativity and design skills.  He is one of many artists that help us daily, and we love them all!!  Cruise around, have a look at everything, get up to speed on the upcoming tour, and for those vinyl collectors out there we completed the music section to include all the colors of vinyl we have pressed!  Have a look to see what might be missing from your collection!

Next up-  HOBO’S LAMENT!!!!  We can FINALLY let the cat out of the bag on this one.  Almost a year after it’s recording, the EP is going to be released SEPTEMBER 25th.  Our good friends over at Paper + Plastick will be getting it into the stores and of course digitally.  Keeping the vinyl collectors busy, the first pressing is a limited edition 2000 copies on a full 12″ picture disc!  Once those are gone, they are gone forever.  Follow up pressings will be on a 10″ format, and I am sure we will do some unique coloring.  Pre-ordering information coming after the holiday weekend.

In addition to 9 weeks of fall touring to promote the record, we are leaning on you folks, OUR FAMILY, to not only have some fun, but help spread the word of the flask.  We are starting a “Cardboard Campaign” of sorts, and we want everyone out there to make their own cardboard signs.  We know you are a creative bunch, live in unique places, and come from all walks of life.  We want our family in Alaska, to get a look at our family from Hawaii.  Our Dutch family seeing what Newfoundland has to offer.  The list is endless,  everyone meet everyone!  So please, grab some cardboard, grab a marker, and a photo of you, the sign, the scenery, the event, sharing the news of Hobo’s Lament, an upcoming show, favorite lyrics, whatever you feel like!  We are going to randomly select our favorites and give those folks maybe show tickets, merch, or whatever else would be fitting.  The most important part of the campaign is tagging us, and all your friends who know the flask, or should know the flask.  See you all on facebook!

And lastly for today is the fall touring.  We have a HUGE amount of touring to close out an incredible 2012 for us.  Click here for the full schedule.  We have headlining shows all across the US (and Toronto!), and we will be also supporting Frank Turner and The Sleeping Souls in September, Lucero in October, and doing a whole bunch of incredible festivals all across the fall, including Sunshine Music Festival, Schweitzer Mountain Fall Festival, Riot Fest Brooklyn, Riot Fest and Carnival in Chicago, Bend Fall Festival, The Fest 11 in Gainesville, Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, and a TON more stops coming in the next week.  So get your cardboard, get you marker, and start posting photos in your town!  We’ll see you on the road, and post our own signs everyday!

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