Update on our van/trailer/gear theft, and some good news!

Dear friends, family, fans and fellow humans: there simply are no words to describe how deeply grateful we are for all of your support in our time of need. The amount of generosity and action taken, from donations to networking to try and gradually rebuild our arsenal of instruments we’ve collected over many years so that we may continue is truly profound. THANK YOU a million times over. We appreciate it more than you could ever know.

There is some good news too: our van has been found by the police in a nearby county! Although the van has sustained serious damage rendering it temporarily unusable, this is at least a ray of hope. The trailer however, along with all of our gear we’ve collected over the years, as well as all our merchandise and personal belongings, are still missing and the local authorities aren’t holding out much hope of recovering anything. Apparently there’s been a spate of similar crimes in this area (vehicles stolen with a trailer in tow, only to abandon the vehicle and make off with the trailer and its contents). Bands and anyone with a van/trailer traveling in this area of South Carolina, please be very careful when passing through!

QUESTION: is there anybody in the Cayce/ West Columbia, SC area that knows anything about repairing a seriously damaged ignition key cylinder? See the attached photo of the cylinder when the police found our van yesterday. Does anyone in this area know any mechanics that might make an exception and do some work on a Sunday? If so, please email us ASAP at larryandhisflask@gmail.com. Hopefully we can get this fiasco sorted out quickly and be back on the road to Fort Lauderdale, FL by today. We’re not sure if we’ll be able to make our show there with Foxy Shazam tomorrow to be honest, but we promise to keep everyone posted.

Thanks again from the bottom of our hearts for all the donations and assistance from bands and musicians near and far, and from so many of our incredible fans from all over the world. We love you more than we can say, and we literally couldn’t do what we do without all of you.  Xo The Flask

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