Hobo’s Lament!! Available Now digitally!!

Hello everyone out there!  We are on the road right now in route to Atlanta.  September 25th came and went yesterday and to all of our surprise Hobo’s Lament was not available anywhere!!  We do not have the full details why, and the bottom line is that we continue to move forward!!  The album is NOW AVAILABLE DIGITALLY!  It’s finally up on iTunes, and you can even get an instant download from Paper and Plastick if you preorder the vinyl version.  We are still waiting on the hard copies ourselves, and to our understanding they will be shipping out from the pressing plant in the next few days.

So, if you are as excited as we have been, and want the EP now, feel free to head over to your iTunes, or if you are a vinyl collector (like we are!) head on over to the P&P website where there are a couple bundle packages, and you’ll get to download it instantly.  Remember the 12″ picture disc version is LIMITED to only 2000 copies, and once those are gone they will be pressed in some other format which we haven’t decided on just yet.

Only a handful of shows left with Frank Turner and Jenny Owen Youngs, then we do our own tour for the month of October with a whole bunch of festival shows too.  Check the shows page for the schedule and ticket links!  -The Flask

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