We finally have new label distribution!

Many of you have written us to advise your local record shop was having a hard time stocking “All That We Know.”  It was due to an old distro going under right as the album was released.  It was a complete worst case scenario, and nightmare all at once.  Well the clouds have cleared, and all the dust has settled .  The record is 100% available again and heres a little message from our label and a few ways you can help us get the record back on store shelves-

This is Avi at Silver Sprocket, writing to ask for your help in getting Larry And His Flask’s new album, All That We know, into the rocking record stores in your area.  As a small independent record label, your help makes a tremendous difference.
Things you can do:
1. Let us know about the stores in your area that you think the record would do well in. Mention the store name, city, and any other information you have like if there is someone in particular that we should talk to and nearby shows that Larry And His Flask has played.
2. If you (or a friend) works at a rad record store, let the buyers know that All That We Know is available from Revoler USA and No Idea Distribution, and that plenty of local folks care about Larry And His Flask, making it a wise purchase for the store. And let us know so we can follow-up!
3. If you’re into doing more, we would love to send you some posters, stickers and post-cards to put up on the walls or drop off at your local record stores as appropriate. Tell us about the shops you’d be into visiting so we can complement your efforts by reaching out to the stores on our end to make sure they are able to get the records in stock and have everything they need to do a good job selling them.
Please EMAIL me about this stuff at avi@silversprocket.net, and THANK YOU BIG TIME for your help.

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