A message to our friends, family and fans…

October 8, 2017

Dear family, friends and fans of Larry and His Flask,

We must let you all know that Dallin Bulkley, our guitarist/vocalist, is no longer a member of Larry and His Flask. The parting was a mutual decision and he is on to new and exciting endeavors with his other band, Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy.

Dallin has been touring with Larry and His Flask for over 10 years. First as a fan and friend and then as a member of the band as well as a tireless supporter of the group. He was at times definitely our biggest fan and one of the only people that truly believed us in the early days. We must thank him personally for all of his help along the way.

We wish Dallin the best of luck in his future musical ventures with Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy. Make sure to check them out any time they roll through your town and follow them online here:


Sincerely, Larry and his Flask

We’re hosting a US Virgin Islands Benefit Concert on November 2nd!

October 7, 2017

Join Larry and His Flask and friends for a fun-filled night of music on November 2nd in Bend! All proceeds go directly to survivors of hurricanes Irma and Maria in the US Virgin Islands. Help our friends in the Caribbean get the food, drinking water and building supplies they so desperately need. Thank you!

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We are hitting the high seas with Flogging Molly + many more!

April 21, 2015

We’ve been enjoying much-needed downtime from touring, been spending time working, hanging with our friends and family, playing music and chilling out and will continue to do so for the rest of this year most likely.

BUT when our friends Flogging Molly called the other day and asked us if we want to be a part of their crazy St. Paddy’s Day cruise next year with a bunch of amazing musical maniacs, we of course had to say YES.  Check out this video for all the info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKpK7aQTz5E&feature=youtu.be

NEW LOCATION announced for Riot Fest Denver Sept 19-21!

July 18, 2014

Hey folks! Riot Fest & Sideshow in Denver (Sept 19-21) is happening but it’s just  been moved to a new location: the Sports Authority Field at Mile High Stadium!  We’re playing on September 20 by the way:)

All info about the new location can be found here: http://riotfest.org/denver/faq/ and here’s the official statement from Riot Mike about the change: http://riotfest.org/2014/07/riot-mikes-message-denver/ Please share, thank you!