Exciting Flask family news + a change of our summer tour plans

Hello hello Flask familia!  We have exciting and wonderful news to share: Ian and his lady have just learned that they’re expecting twins this summer!!! Needless to say, we’re over the moon and can’t wait to welcome the two little Cooks into the world, and soon.  The only downside to this happy news is that we must, unfortunately, postpone our shows in Europe and the UK this August, since Ian’s twins are due to be born during that exact same time.  The twins’ timing is crazy but such is life!  We do promise to be back over as soon as we possibly can..it’s been far too long and we love you all,  xo LAHF

HELP! Our van, trailer and all our gear was stolen in Cayce, South Carolina last night

URGENT!! PLEASE READ!! Our van (Oregon license plate: 146 FRN, white 2010 Ford Econoline 350 w/tinted windows) and trailer (white 18’ double axel) were stolen from outside our hotel room last night in Cayce, South Carolina. We are stranded here in Cayce now and are figuring out how to proceed. Unfortunately we will have to miss the show tonight in Charlotte NC with Foxy Shazam but we want to carry on with the rest of this tour if at all possible. If anyone in the North Carolina or South Carolina area has a van we can borrow and return to you after this tour ends in Ohio on June 28th, we would be more grateful than you can possibly imagine.

And if anyone wants to DONATE any money in any amount towards helping us buy a van/trailer, you can do so via PayPal at larryandhisflask@gmail.com. Needless to say, we are deeply and humbly grateful for any help in any manner than anyone out there can provide. Thank you all so much for always supporting The Flask…we hope and pray we can get through this horrible situation and carry on.

If any friends or fans or other kind souls can possibly let us BORROW any gear (ESPECIALLY a banjo, an upright bass and a trombone) in each city for the rest of the tour, we would be incredibly grateful…this is the only way we can continue on this tour and we want to carry on for sure. If you can help in any way, please email us at larryandhisflask@gmail.com. You can see our upcoming shows with Foxy listed under the “EVENTS” tab here on our Facebook page, under our main photo.

Here is what was stolen in addition to our van and trailer, if you have any leads once again email us at larryandhisflask@gmail.com.

King trombone
Holton trumpet
1952 olds baritone horn
Pbone trombone
Palomino upright bass
2 Deering good time banjos
SJC Custom Drums drum kit
Phil Jones 1200 bass amp
2 Godin 5th ave. guitars
Breedlove Guitars acoustic guitar
Ampeg 6 by 10 bass
Carvin 600 bass amp
3 venue DI’s
Fender Guitar blues junior
Camp gear
A ton of Larry and His Flask merch (tshirts mainly)
Nikon d-50 camera
Sennheiser USA wireless systems
2 summit audio tla 50
DBX 1231 dual 31 band eq
BBE 4821 sonic maximizer
Gator rock case

If anyone sees our van/trailer in South Carolina, please email us ASAP at larryandhisflask@gmail.com
If anyone sees our van/trailer in South Carolina, please email us ASAP at larryandhisflask@gmail.com

Awesome reviews for By The Lamplight

In addition to all our amazing friends and fans who’ve been super supportive of us and our new album, a lot of people in the press have been digging By The Lamplight a ton.  We’re over the moon about all of the love and support, couldn’t do it without each and every one of you!

“Get your feet ready for some stomping: Larry and His Flask have been parading their unique blend of bluegrass, rock, and punk around the US, Canada and Europe for the past year and are now set to release their latest full length album, By the Lamplight. By the Lamplight showcases the band’s raucous pace, but it never distracts from the layered harmonies and runs on mandolin, banjo, and guitar.”Paste Magazine

“As expected and hoped for, we’re treated to more lashings of old time country tropes reconfigured through the equalizing lends of punk rock.  It’s truly riveting stuff…”  – 9 out of 10 review in Rock Sound (UK)

“‘By The Lamplight’ ist einfach ein Mörderalbum – so frisch, so unverbraucht, so wegweisend.” (‘By The Lamplight’ is a killer album, so fresh, so new and ground-breaking) – 9 out of 10 review in SLAM (Germany)

“There is so much verve and spirit on display, not to mention clever songwriting, which sees them weave moving, intriguing and entertaining stories through their heartfelt music. And if they are half as exciting live as they are on record, Larry And His Flask are a special entity indeed.” – 4 out of 5 review in Alternative Press 

“(Larry and His Flask) do to bluegrass what Gogol Bordello do to gypsy music and what Flogging Molly do to Celtic music. It’s an interesting blend that we don’t hear much of and LAHF do it right.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Bonkers but brilliant, Larry and his Flask’s latest release By The Lamplight is a thrilling effort that will leave a smile fixed on your face. This album marks their baptism of fire in UK, and with the right level of exposure they could easily become a household name. The five-piece from Oregon have undergone numerous changes since their conception ten years ago both physically and stylistically, but they’ve finally settled on a high-octane bluegrass and folk-punk mixture to devastating effect…It’s a complete and utter triumph.” – 10 out of 10 review in Virgin Music (UK)